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Saying No

When we love our games, we wring them dry. We strip the meat and suck their bones, relishing every last mouthful as we max out our characters, swipe every last glowing gewgaw and delight in impossible feats. And why shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Games of the Year – 2013

GRAND THEFT AUTO V Let’s start with the obvious one. So tarred is the GTA series by its controversies, its cantankerously misogynistic plot lines and its own undeniable success that including a Grand Theft Auto in your Game of the … Continue reading

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The Star Trek Annual

I’ve inherited the 1968 “Star Trek Annual”; a slightly battered hand-me-down from my Mum, who was young enough to have drawn all over the inside cover with callous disregard for the future invention of eBay. That’s okay, though – I … Continue reading

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The Kessel Run in under 90 minutes

Today, Den of Geek posted an article asking if one Star Wars film per year – as Disney have promised – is too much. And at first blush, yes, an annual film franchise with an end-date of “ten past never” … Continue reading

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Taunting with a TARDIS

It’d be hard to pick a subject and then check the internet without finding someone whose views on the matter weren’t contentious, objectionable or downright baffling to you. This is particularly true of social media sites, where thoughts and critiques … Continue reading

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Grabbing the Pencil

In the coming days, some downloadable content will be made available as a result of fan pressure – content that changes the ending of a video game. Today, I’m going to complain about the ending of the controversy as a … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Torchwood

The Trouble with Torchwood It’s all over. After nearly ten hours of television, the miracle is finished and the series that saw us through Doctor Who’s summer break has shuffled back into the shadows. The question is, will anybody really … Continue reading

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