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Animal Crossing 008 – Shirked Responsibilities

The last human stronghold was burning. Locust swarmed throughout the streets, cavorting and revelling in the carnage and fear they were causing. Terrified settlers raised guns in their trembling hands only to be swatted aside or blown apart by the … Continue reading

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Tales from Minecraft 003

The more things change, the more you starve to death. Minecraft’s most recent version, 1.8, has arrived, bringing with it a multitude of changes both subtle and gross. So much has happened as a result of this new version, in … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Torchwood

The Trouble with Torchwood It’s all over. After nearly ten hours of television, the miracle is finished and the series that saw us through Doctor Who’s summer break has shuffled back into the shadows. The question is, will anybody really … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing 007 – From Twycross With Love

Christmas has come early to Twycross! Well, if you spend your Christmases labouriously entering alphanumeric codes, anyway. As I touched upon last time, it’s possible, if unwieldy, to exchange goods with remote towns by telling Nook the item, player and … Continue reading

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Tales from Minecraft 002

I haven’t exactly been flooding you with Minecraft updates, admittedly, but that doesn’t mean our fledging society has been completely devoid of activity.  We haven’t strayed far from home, though – as mentioned in my last update, Minecraft is due … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing 006 – Trevelyan

It’s been a busy week in Neo-Twycross; cats have arrived, alchemy has been performed and I’ve decided to murder Blathers the owl. Firstly, though, I need to rectify a mistake I made when starting this blog – I blithely assumed … Continue reading

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